K9 Nose Work®

Do you have a shy or fearful dog? A dog that gets worked up easily or reactive in certain situations? An older dog that has slowed down but you want to keep their mental stimulation up? Do you want to give your dog a fun activity where you can participate as a team?

K9 Nose Work® is:

  • an all inclusive activity
  • a fun way to introduce scent detection to your dog
  • a joyful outlet for your dog for natural behaviours
  • teaches you to help understand dog body language

Dogs participate in the activity one at a time, allowing a much larger range of dogs to participate. Handlers get to observe various dog and human teams work so learning occurs from your own dog as well as other dogs. Dogs have breaks in-between searches and this assists the dog in processing learning and helps build drive for the next search.

Our K9 Nose Work® Introduction (Primary) classes are designed to build foundation behaviours such as independent hunting, confidence in various environments, increasing focus and stamina, and problem solving skills. We train for hunting food or toys to build these skills. Classes run at an all-weather venue in Kepnock for 1.5 hours. Book now to avoid missing out!


6 x weekly classes for $230 per dog.

How to Register

Email [email protected] for upcoming class dates and when booking we will send you an online form to complete, invoice and information/ instructions on what to bring to class.


Into to K9 Nose Work (Primary) Level 1. Prerequisite for Primary Level 2 classes.

Intro to K9 Nose Work (Primary) Level 2. Prerequisite for Intro to Odour (Birch).

Intro to Odour (Birch). Prerequisite for ongoing Birch classes