About Us

Services We Offer:

  • K9 Nose Work® classes

Who We Are

Eva is a qualified dog trainer, a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and an Associate K9 Nose Work® Instructor. She has experience working with different dog breeds and cat boarding. She has taught Puppy Preschool and Dog Skills classes in addition to training clients and their dogs privately. Being a preferred mindDog trainer, she works with clients to assist them in training their own psychiatric assistant dog. Her passions are:

  • Making dog owners’ lives easier and more enjoyable through science-based and force-free training
  • Providing education to the community on canine behaviour, training and enrichment
  • Helping dog owners exercise their dogs mentally
  • Improving dog quality of life

Qualifications/ Ongoing Education

  • Associate K9 Nose Work® Instructor – NACSW 2023
  • Wonderful Wocker Weekend – Pawsitively Awesome, 2023
  • K9 Nosework Instructor Course, Segment One – NACSW 2023
  • Introduction to K9 Nosework Online – NACSW, 2023
  • Evolution of Behaviour Adjustment Therapy (BAT) 3.0 – Grisha Stewart Academy, 2023
  • The Antecedent Iceberg – PPGA, 2022
  • Stress in Dogs, Yes it Matters! – PPGA, 2022
  • WOOF! Why dogs bark and what you can do about it – PPGA, 2022
  • Covid Dogs: Lonely & Socially Inept – PPGA, 2022
  • How Doggie Parkour Can Enhance Your Training Repertoire webinar – PPGA, 2022
  • Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)
  • Introduction to Nosework – Denise Fenzi Academy, 2022
  • Building Blocks of Nosework, Before Odor – Denise Fenzi Academy, 2022
  • Dog Trainer Professional – Karen Pryor Academy, 2021
  • Separation Anxiety and Current Research webinar – Malena DeMartini, 2021
  • Arousal and Aggression webinar – Michael Shikashio, 2021
  • How to Train the High Drive Dog webinar – Jane Ardern, 2021
  • Are You Ready to Work? Protocols and Strategies for Getting the Same Engagement in Strange Locations as You Get at Home webinar – Shade Whitesel, 2021
  • Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge 2.0 – Absolute Dogs, 2021
  • Fundamentals of Animal Behaviour and Learning – International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, 2019
  • Dog Training the Delta Way seminar – Delta Institute, 2019
  • Canine Body Language workshop – Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, 2019
  • Pet First Aid
  • Masters in Business Administration – Deakin University, 2014