Puppy Training

We can help you enjoy your puppy even more by setting them up for success as they grow and learn. Your puppy can pay more attention to you and follow your guidance with our training, making your life much easier!

Our Puppy Training package is designed to set up desirable behaviour patters around you, other dogs, people and the environment. We tailor the package for you and your dog, depending on where you are at and what you would like to achieve. We cover basic obedience, loose-leash walking, training for calm behaviour, greater attention on you, controlled socialisation and playing appropriate games with rules.

Puppy Training Prices

The $680 Puppy Training package includes:

1 x 45 min analysis and planning session with you and your dog

15 x 30 min training sessions with just your dog

3 x 30 min training sessions with you and your dog

We also offer packages with fewer or more sessions to meet your specific requirements so contact us for more information.