We stock items that we use and have tested ourselves as part of training, handling and providing enrichment to dogs. To purchase a shop item/s please email your purchase request to [email protected] with your full name, item/s you would like to purchase and postal address. We will then send you an invoice for payment and once it is received we will mail out your item/s within one business day. Shipping costs are listed for each item, when purchasing multiple items we will advise you of the shipping cost when we receive your purchase request. We ship within Australia only and encourage shoppers to pay for Express Post for package tracking capability. Alternatively, we offer free delivery within 20km of Bundaberg CBD, QLD and free pick up is available from Branyan, QLD.

Snuffle Mats

Our handmade snuffle mats provide mental stimulation, initiate sniffing and foraging centres of the brain, alleviate stress and slows down fast eaters. Small pieces of food are easily spread out for the dog to then search for. Lead time to make snuffle mats is ten days if we are out of stock. Colours available: blue & purple OR black, maroon & tan

Large $70 + postage | 55 x 35cm | Suitable for all sized dogs | Post: Express $27.50, Regular $20.50

Small $25 + postage | 25 x 25cm | Suitable for dogs under 6kgs | Post: Express $17.00, Regular $13.50

Clickers $5 + postage

Clickers are a training tool to increase desired behaviour and is suitable for training any animal that can hear sound. Comes with instructions on how to pair with a reward for effective use. Available in black or blue. Post: Express $7.80, Regular $2.80

Long Leads $63 + postage

Long leads are a great training tool as it allows you to work with/ train your dog at various distances safely. The Black Dog Wear 11 metre lead is strong but light to carry. It is designed to fold neatly, with a securing loop to hold it together and stop it getting all tangled when not in use. Available in black. Post: Express $14.89, Regular $9.70